Strength in Diversity

A Modern, Adaptable Workforce is Based on Diversity

The Progressive Alternatives Society of Calgary is a non-profit organization that supports people with developmental disabilities to become a valuable part of the workforce.

More and more companies are moving toward a more diverse workforce. Diversity in the workplace means that the business can gain a better understanding of their customer base, retain talent with improved culture, and adapt to market conditions with a broader point of view and skillset.

For over two decades, PASC has been successfully matching people and employers together. In doing so, a level of expertise has been acquired which only experience can teach. PASC has the experience to help you accomplish your diversity goals.


Working with PASC to bring diversity into your workplace is a fully supported undertaking. We have the experience needed to ensure a successful outcome for both participants and employers. This program is mutually beneficial. Our careful job research finds gaps that need to be filled in your organization and matches them with the abilities of our participants. Your organization will grow stronger as those needs are met reliably.

  • Recruitment

    Access to recruitment services at no cost to your business

  • Knowledge

    Our knowledge about achieving diversity in the workplace

  • Quality

    Assurance that a job will be completed to employer standards

  • Success

    Two decades of successful matches for employers

  • Experience

    Experience in assisting employers in building a more diverse workforce



Step 1. Discovery

People are supported in preparation for employment through an exploration of their capabilities, education, interests and strengths.

When we match employers and participants together, you can be assured that whenever we send someone through your door, they are qualified to do the job to a high standard. PASC has been successfully matching participants and employers since 1985.


Step 2. Planning

People are supported to secure valued competitive employment by being matched with an Employment Facilitator who assists them.

The participant, along with their Facilitator, researches different companies that match the skills and interests of the person looking for work. This is done by a series of information interviews, work experiences, work trials and job proposals. The purpose is to find out the employment needs of the businesses being investigated and to capitalize on those needs in securing valued competitive employment for the job seeker.


Step 3. Facilitation

We provide participants with on-the-job consultation and support.

When you decide to hire someone with the assistance of PASC, an Employment Facilitator will be made available at your request to assist the candidate in learning the requirements of their job description. The purpose of this is to ensure that the quality of work is done to your satisfaction as well as highlight the valuable asset of hiring someone who happens to have a disability. As the participant becomes more independent, support is reduced. However, it will be available as long as necessary to ensure success. Each engagement is personalized to the needs of the individual and the employer. In the event of a change in job duties or business conditions, PASC can be called in at any time to offer consultation to assist with job redesign or additional accommodations as required.



Corporate Training

PASC has developed workshops which provide unique opportunities to deal openly with questions and cultural barriers that restrict employment choices for people with disabilities as well as diversity in the workplace.

Resource Services

PASC offers practical resources to assist with improving diversity in the workplace, such as publications, agencies and services. We also have individuals available for counselling with particular areas of expertise.

Barrier-Free Analysis

We will audit an environment and provide direction in a creative and supportive manner for providing a working environment that is accessible to current and future employees.

True Colours

We offer a workshop on the True Colours Personality System, which was designed by Don Lowry in 1979 and assigns four colours to four distinct personality types. True Colours has been used to improve understanding of individual employee needs related to hiring.


Get in to touch with PASC today to start the conversation about how you can commit to or improve diversity in your workplace with our program.