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Anita’s journey of self-discovery with our organization began in 2007. A self-assured and confident women who is highly interested in all things fashion, Anita has a personality that is not easily forgotten. Like many free thinkers, Anita sometimes struggles with the social norms and unwritten rules that mainstream society has established. One gentle reminder is all it takes to remind her to attend to these social conventions, and she does so in a truly authentic way. Anita has the unique ability to freely express her thoughts and opinions in an honest and un-filtered manner.

In today’s fast-paced, results-driven world it can be difficult for any of us to find a way to seamlessly connect to the community in which we live. Anita has found a way to both actively participate in community events and work towards her passion-in-fashion by attending a weekly sewing class. With optimistic encouragement from her facilitator, Anita is tracing, cutting, and sewing patterns with other students her age on a weekly basis.

Anita has made leaps and bounds in her ability to establish relationships with those around her. She demonstrates this every Friday by attending a Zumba class with other women her age. This inclusive class includes salsa moves, old-time grooves, and the latest pop music infused with modern dance. Anita has turned the chore of fitness into a pleasurable and trendy activity through the guise of dance!

With a little guidance, Anita has become actively engaged in various positive and productive community activities. Like many of us, Anita has barriers to work through in her life. One barrier Anita faces every day is the common attitude that people with disabilities can’t attain the good things in life the rest of us take for granted. Her full life is a contradiction of that myth.

Jessica Lundy, Facilitator
Progressive Alternatives Society of Calgary

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