Achieving Independence and Quality of Life

“The Good Life” is achieving an engaging and satisfying life, having the opportunity to contribute to community in a meaningful way, learning about and engaging in personal interests, and retaining competitive employment.

The Progressive Alternatives Society of Calgary:

  • helps adults with developmental disabilities and their families navigate a sometimes confusing network of public resources
  • creates employment opportunities that fit a participant’s interests and abilities
  • supports participants in the day-to-day responsibilities of their jobs
  • facilitates the pursuit of participant’s interests in the community
  • provides opportunities for genuine relationships to flourish, and
  • facilitates the citizenship, self-determination and empowerment of participants.


The staff at PASC met Tom nearly 7 years ago. Tom had held jobs before, but none were a great fit. The staff spent time getting to know Tom. They asked questions about his interests, the kinds of of activities he enjoyed and what things really made him excited to start each day. PASC invests deeply in each engagement to make sure that participants have a good experience long-term.



After learning about Tom’s interest in movies and TV, Facilitators at PASC started researching employers that might be aligned with Tom’s interests. Best Buy at Sunridge turned out to be a perfect fit. Working with the leadership at Best Buy, PASC developed a list of job duties for Tom’s position that was mutually beneficial to both Tom and the company.

  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Interviews
  • Negotiation
  • Support
  • Follow-up

Tom just celebrated his 5 year work anniversary with Best Buy Sunridge. He loves his job and being a part of a team. According to Tom, the best part of his job is the pay check he earns. He is proud of his accomplishments and the feeling of being able to provide for himself.


PASC was established in 1985 and has been help adults with developmental disabilities attain supported employment ever since. The PASC program is not typical, because it is personalized and constantly adapts to the changing needs of the participant and their families. We are here to help participants achieve their life goals.

Participants Successfully Placed
Participants Employed beyond 1 Year


The Staff at PASC are specialists in navigating the sometimes confusing landscape of government aid programs. We can provide step-by-step advice as you begin the journey toward “The Good Life” for your family member. We will get to know your family to build a relationship that will last, and offer the support that your family needs.