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Meet Tom Wildey

Tom just celebrated his 5th work anniversary at Best Buy, a big deal. Like all Best Buy employees, he received a plaque and gift to commemorate his service. He’s received 2 raises in the last year and aces his annual reviews. Tom is happy with his job here, so much so that he is reluctant to recall what life was like before he worked at Best Buy.

The best part of Tom’s job?

“Getting paid.”

How Tom feels about Best Buy is exactly how Best Buy feels about Tom. “I know everyone out front and in the warehouse.” The team motto at Sunridge is “Have fun while being the best.” This place is a perfect fit for Tom, who banters with everyone on the floor. Tom’s supervisor Dobby says that Tom always makes sure that his coworkers remember to have fun.

Sometimes Rob from PASC joins Tom at work to check on how he’s doing, chill with the Price Is Right during break and provide whatever assistance Tom needs. Tom needs very little assistance now. He breezes through 4 hour shifts independently. Dobby confirms that Tom steps up when anyone needs a hand, and the staff relies on him to fill the gaps on busy days.

“Have Fun While Being the Best”

Tom loves movies and TV. One of his duties at Best Buy is to use the pricing gun to mark DVDs and then stock the shelves. He has a station in the warehouse where he keeps stacks of DVDs organized. He will tell you all about his DVD picks, but his favourite is Hogan’s Heros. That Tom spends his work days with things he loves is no accident. PASC worked together with Best Buy to create a position for Tom that lines up with his interests.

When he’s not working, Tom likes to watch TV and take his roommate’s dog for walks across the street. He and Rob (PASC) do something fun around town once a week. Once they went to the Star Trek experience at Telus Spark (Tom is a fan) and learned to speak Klingon. Rob says, “I just enjoy hanging out with Tom. It’s fun.” Tom has been saving for an XBOX for a while and just reached his goal. He says it feels good to be able to buy stuff he wants with money he earned.

As Tom walks through the store, pointing out TVs and Big Joe the forklift, he suddenly stops next to a stand mixer, dramatically pretending that his hand is being eaten by it.

“I’ve got a good crew here. We joke around all the time.”

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