At the Heart of Agrium

Carmen is a breath of fresh air at Agrium. She passes through the halls with ease and a light, confident step. Everyone who passes has a “Good Morning, Carmen” or “How are you today, Carmen?” And [...]

Part of the Family at Village

Jim Button, Director of Marketing at Village Brewery, says Jim’s happiness is infectious. Working inclusively with everyone in the community is what Village is and always was about. Still, Jim [...]

5 Years at Best Buy

Tom just celebrated his 5th work anniversary at Best Buy, a big deal. Like all Best Buy employees, he received a plaque and gift to commemorate his service. He’s received 2 raises in the last [...]

Anita Has a Passion-In-Fashion

Anita’s journey of self-discovery with our organization began in 2007. A self-assured and confident women who is highly interested in all things fashion, Anita has a personality that is not [...]

A Transformation in Retail

One woman we support has had a relatively long journey of growth. It started not with employment, but with other types of roles. When she came to us she had a reputation for being ‘challenging’. [...]

Tidy Shelves at the Supermarket

Putting Your Strengths and Passions to Work PASC has supported a man for nearly two years who has made great progress in achieving his life goals. Unfortunately, for much of his life, his passion [...]