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Putting Your Strengths and Passions to Work

PASC has supported a man for nearly two years who has made great progress in achieving his life goals. Unfortunately, for much of his life, his passion for detail and order, and his sociable nature, have been seen as a problem behaviors to be got rid of before he could move on to employment. This is all too common for people labeled autistic.

With our assistance, he began his very first job at an organic produce market about a year ago, where he has become an extremely valued member of the team. Based on his friendly attitude and attention to detail, PASC supported him to find a job in a positive, equal opportunity environment where he can interact with customers and co-workers. The job also utilizes his specific talents to maintain the order and visual standards necessary to keep his workplace looking great. What was once seen as obsessive is now seen as commitment to his employer and high personal standards for his work. His supervisor has never complained that the store shelves are too neat, tidy and orderly – quite the opposite!

He has also become an essential member of a local charity for which he volunteers, where he assists in making lunches for school children around the city. On top of all of this, he still makes time to keep up a regular schedule at the YMCA, ensuring he stays active and fit, and makes sure to take some time out to have fun. He carries out his work with proficiency and pride, as well as setting – and achieving – goals on a regular basis, and forming countless friendships along the way.

Submitted by Brent Rowsell, PASC Facilitator

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